The Replicator: Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Is your need for a new dog bowl multiplying uncontrollably?

The Replicator lightweight dog food bowls perform better than another of its class. They are made with high quality stainless steel to better defend themselves from health threats. Try it out and you will see, our dog food bowls are all unified under the singular purpose of being the best you can buy.

Available Sizes

Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Mini, Small

Product Description:

The Replicator: Lightweight Stainless Steel Feeding Dish

The Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products® Replicator dog food bowl is made from high-quality stainless-steel. This dish is a great option for messy drinkers, aggressive eaters and sloppy drinkers alike! Our Standard dog and cat dishes are made from professional food-grade materials and are perfect for both water, dry and wet kibble and treats. The extended lip around the top edge allows the bowl to be placed into an elevated bowl or pet feeder station and is perfect as a standalone bowl, too!

The stainless-steel material resists rust, scratches, breakage. Stainless-steel is a healthier option over plastic, aluminum or ceramic. Stainless-steel is non-porous, so it won’t leach potentially dangerous matter into your dog’s food and water. The sleek, heavy-duty design makes this dish a must have that your pet will love to use!

Comes in a variety of sizes for all your needs:

  • MINI: ½ Pint / 1 Cup
  • EXTRA SMALL: 1 Pint / 2.5 Cups
  • SMALL: 1 Quart / 4 Cups
  • MEDIUM: 2 Quart / 8 Cups
  • LARGE: 3 Quart / 12 Cups
  • EXTRA LARGE: 5 Quart / 20 Cups


Who needs the mess? Keep things neater and tidier around the house. After your pet is finished eating or drinking, throw it right into the dishwasher to keep them healthy and the mess out of your home!


Product Details:

    • 100% Stainless-Steel
    • Convenient
    • Hygienic
    • Dishwasher Safe
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