What Being a Stray Means to Chimi & Schmiddy

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In honor of yesterday’s holiday, “World Stray Pets Day”, we’d like to tell you the story of both Chimi and Schmiddy. Chimi, the dog & Schmiddy, the cat were both strays and abandoned pets, respectively.

Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products - Stray Pets Day

Their “before lives” were harrowing. Both have been able to experience
what life can be like without constant struggle and strife. Thus, making
them spoiled rotten and the sweetest pair you will ever meet. Fuzzy
Puppy Pet Products highly recommends adoption when we see people are
considering a new furry addition to the family. These two stories help
prove what kind of difference it can make in a pet’s life.


Chimi is the epitome of the stray pet story. He is a corgi mix, which means he has the stubby legs and squatty body that comes along with the breed. Chimi is originally from the country of Turkey, which sits right between Asia and Europe.

Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products - Stray Pets Day


Unfortunately, stray dogs aren’t treated well at all in Turkey. For decades, the government in Turkey sanctioned the poisoning of stray dogs with citrinin. It was a very sad and terrible way to handle the overabundance of stray dogs in the country. Many Turkish people joined in demonstrations and protests for better treatment for the poor canines. In more recent years, the Turkish government and the people of Turkey have taken a much more humane approach to handling the “stray problem”. Programs have been created to help find our furry friends happy and healthy homes.

While the overall treatment of stray dogs has improved in the country, some people still consider them a nuisance and revert back to the old, terrible ways. Dogs are hunted, attacked, maimed and in some cases are left for dead on the streets. To avoid this, Turkish and American people have taken to gathering them up, giving them medical treatment, then transporting them from Eurasia to the United States for adoption. This is how Chimi came to us.

Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products - Stray Pets Day


He was scooped up and treated for fleas and parasites, neutered then
almost immediately flown to Washington State. There, he lived with the other strays for a short period of time before he was adopted by the Fuzzy Puppy family.

He had lived over 3 years on the streets alone and came with so many initial trust issues. He was scared to eat if anyone was around and was especially scared to go outside. He also had a hard time trusting new people.

After several weeks, we discovered he had to be treated for a double ear infection and a broken tooth. The doctor said that sometimes stray dogs get so hungry, they will start to eat rocks. This made us very, very sad to hear and we wanted nothing but happiness from then on for Chimi. When Chimi received his first toy, he didn’t know what to do with it. It dawned on us that he had never had a toy before in his whole life. So, we began to teach him how to play and be the spunky doggo he was inside.


When he recovered from surgery and his infections, he was so much happier. He would do laps around the yard or living room just running and jumping for joy. And, after some coaxing, he even started playing with toys! Sometimes he even begs to play.

Now, Chimi’s favorite things include: his comfy bed, his Wall Chicken Leg chew toy, cuddles on the couch, going for walks & sleeping on the couch.



Schmiddy, the kitty had more domestic beginnings than Chimi. He is an orange, grey and black, massive tabby cat.  His story begins when he was only 1 year old and still quite small. A sign appeared in the hallway for “FREE CAT”. The Fuzzy Puppy team saw the sign and immediately had to inquire, as history dictates that is a bad sign for the pet.

After arriving to the apartment with the advertisement, the Fuzzy
Puppy team felt compelled to adopt him right away. When asking the current owner why they were rehoming Schmiddy,

Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products - Stray Pets Day

they replied that they were moving and didn’t want him anymore. The household also had a 4- or 5-year-old daughter. This daughter was not supervised in her time with the poor little kitten and as you can imagine, he suffered for it.


The little girl would spend all day hunting for poor Schmiddy until the time she would find him and would squeeze him aggressively. She also held him irresponsibly, which led to issues with his joints in later years. Lastly, when Schmiddy came to us, his poor tail had been lobbed at the end, so all that was there was a small piece of calcified bone until it finally healed and fur grew back over.

Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products - Stray Pets Day

Luckily, he didn’t have any other major physical issues after we adopted him, but the psychological traumas remained. He had trust issues for over a year, almost two full years. He was very skittish, hiding
whenever possible. We were very patient with him, though.

We would spend hours sitting around whatever closet or cranny he had wedged himself
into and just talk to him. Encourage him to eat his regular food and tryto entice him with treats. Now, 5 years later, he is a full-grown 21lb cat who never worries about when he is going to eat next.


His favorite past times are: being the little spoon while cuddling, playing with string,
laser pointer or The Super Pugel treat dispenser toy, making “ek ek ek” noises at birds out the window and being brushed. His favorite place in the whole house is at the window, especially if it is open!


Both Schmiddy and Chimi smile & show signs of joy often. When they do, you almost forget all they had to go through to get to us. Each of their stories, while sad in the beginning, have ended so happily. They are well-loved and will continue to be for the rest of their days.

We are happy to tell their stories and encourage
others to do the same about their pets!
We’d love to hear how your stray turned spoiled!


Contact us or comment on this post and we will feature your story!!!

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