5 Things to Improve Your Cat’s Health

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What does it mean for a kitty to be healthy?

Cats have needs that mirror our own. They need to eat, sleep and be stimulated to increase their length of life and release endorphins, just like us! In honor of National Cat Health Month, we sat down with Schmiddy, the kitty to talk about the things that help him stay happy and healthy.

5 Things to Improve Your Cats Health & Happiness - Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products


  1.       Stainless Steel

Stainless-steel is a healthier option over plastic, aluminum or ceramic. It is non-porous, so it won’t leach potentially dangerous matter into your cat’s food and water. Stainless-steel also stands up to aggressive eaters & resists environmental wear.

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls - Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products

More often than not, we get distracted by cute items for our pets. We’re drawn to them and sometimes end up buying them without even realizing that they might not be the best for our pets. Plastics and ceramics can be potentially harmful if not regulated. Usually, the cheaper the product, the less regulated it is since testing and regulation adherence can add costs to the products. We recommend stainless-steel for its longevity, durability and hygienic properties. Being dishwasher safe doesn’t hurt either!



  1.       Raised Bowls

Let’s talk about comfort while eating. Cats are solitary hunters by nature. While they have adapted their living situations to a more domesticated life, there are still instincts that remain. One of those instincts is to constantly be aware – protect your neck! Having a bowl too low to the ground can affect their ability to see the world around them which can cause anxiety at feeding time. By getting a raised bowl, cats have better visibility. It can also help reduce vomiting, indigestion and strain on a cat’s back and neck. A reduction in cat barfs? Sounds like happiness to us.


  1.       Slow Feeder

Does your cat eat too fast? There are a few ways to improve your cat’s happiness levels by helping with their consumption. If a cat eats too fast, there’s usually a

Slow Feed Bowl - Fuzzy Puppy Pet Productsreason surrounding the problem. Maybe there are other cats and they’re feeling competition in the house. They could also be feeling lonely or bored and have started relying on food for entertainment. Regardless of the issues, helping them to eat slower will help them feel better no matter what. Investing in a slow feeder bowl helps to increase their mental stimulation and slow down the eating process so they don’t develop (or continue to have) digestion problems!


  1.       Playing –

One very simple way to increase your pet’s happiness is to find out how they like to play. Does your cat like to chase things around the house? Catch, play fetch or hunt? Once you see the spark of interest in your cat, you know you’ve found the sweet spot and are unlocking the feel-good hormones. This can help reduce behaviors like an unhealthy focus on feeding time as well as create a lasting bond between you and your pet.


  1.       Toys

This goes hand in hand with playing. Some cats can be amused by just about anything. A piece of a shoelace, the flutter of a piece of paper. Most cats, however, like to play with toys that are around the same size as their prey. Depending on the cat, that can range from smaller than an inch to 3 inches in size.

Texture also plays a large role in the sensory experience of play time. Cats really like texture as it helps them to be able to grab it with their paws and flip it around at will.




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