Introducing Our SpokesPets: Chimi & Schmiddy!

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We’ve been making a lot of changes here at Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products and in the Fuzzy Puppy Shop! We are so excited to share our BIG NEWS

Let us introduce our Fuzzy Puppy Spokespets:


CHIMI (short for Chimichanga) is a corgi mix who has a passion for chewing his toys. He also makes sure to get his pets in whenever he can. Don’t let his cuteness fool you, this boy has ATTITUDE! Even at only 4 years old, this little guy is all sass and his standards are set to the highest bar.

SCHMIDDY the Kitty has a softer approach to the world. He’s all about playing and giving the loves. He will cuddle you for hours and prefers to be the little spoon. Schmiddy’s favorite things are taking naps in the window & running after toys that bounce or rattle!

Both of our sweet spokespets were rescued from hard situations. They have a lot of stories to tell of their past. They also have so much they are thankful for in their present! We hope you fall in love with them as much as Fuzzy Puppy did.

Do you have a rescue of your own? 

Tell us about your pets big or small, fuzzy, scaly, or feathered –
we love to hear about them all!

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